From the design, following all the training and evolutionary phases, we guarantee the perfect success of each intervention to minimize the impact on the company structure.

.01 Smart Sock

Solution that includes sensors able to detect some important parameters for the monitoring of chronic venous disease, in accordance with clinical guidelines. The data collected by the sensors are sent to a monitoring center where they are analyzed by specialized personnel.
The information management (based on sql data structure and provided as paas in the cloud) of the clinical data of the patients is exposed through front end dashboards of the data, coming from realtime database. The Monitoring Center and Management Center have the possibility to carry out predictive analysis and correlation of data through targeted machine learning algorithms and to provide the clinician with useful information on the patient and on his therapeutic treatment plan.

.02 Virtual Set

The Virtual Set System is able to manage communicative FORMATS and 3D animations such as to make the management of a TV studio more effective and efficient and to enhance the communication capacity of the same with the introduction of gesture recognition techniques.

.03 Smart Beach

SMART BEACH: Is an app that allows users to access all the services offered from their smartphone or via the web. The system allows you to benefit from additional services through customizable waterproof electronic bracelets based on user preferences and characteristics, including:

eWallet (Virtual Coin System)

  • eWallet on waterproof bracelet and / or smartphone to be used at affiliated activities;
  • System for booking and paying for beach services (umbrella, sports equipment, etc.).

Sistema di facilities per i cittadini

  • Tracking della posizione dei bagnanti tramite braccialetto waterproof (monitoraggio bambini, etc.);
  • Supporto al salvataggio: tracking del bagnante in mare;
  • Sistema di boe galleggianti in grado di rilevare presenza di correnti, direzione del vento, altezza delle onde, etc.

.04 Complere

Modular solution that allows you to approach GDPR compliance with the peace of mind of those who have trusted support. The solution manages assets, treatments, risks, DPIA and mitigation measures.

It also manages all the documentary part, nominations, information, consents, etc… in addition to the register of company treatments and company projects, appropriately assessing the risk class and producing a detailed report.

.05 AnyVision

AnyVision Biometric recognition platform recognized as a world leader. Based on over 20 years of academic research and field experience.

The Anyvision platform is able to work with any camera without the need for replacement. Immediately operational and compatible with all GDPR regulations.

.06 Digital Barriers

Digital Barriers: It is the wireless distribution platform, based on proprietary TVI video compression technology. It provides video transmission, remote access to the cameras in real time, safe and with bandwidth usage 60% more efficient than standard transmission.

It offers 3 different solutions:

  • EdgeVis Live: video surveillance system in the military and perimeter security area, suitable for all moving vehicles
  • EdgeVis Shield: integrated video surveillance system + sensors suitable for border operations, identification of individuals, moving vehicles, terrain variations.
  • SafeZone: perimeter zone surveillance system without the need for server use with exclusive self-calibration function, alarm settings for intrusion or unauthorized crossing of the area, mitigation of environmental effects, weather conditions, moving foliage and low light.